i don't have much to say lately.  at least nothing i think you give a crap about.  between my efforts to NOT rip London to shreds in my blogs, and my efforts to keep unrelated emotional issues off the site, i have found scarcely a sentence to write anymore.  i think this is called sinking into the English abyss.

gotta run now - there's some more laundry to hang on the drying rack.  yes, it's still the 1800s here in London.


I want to note I've spotted a trend amongst London ladies as Spring 2009 begins:  nude/sheer pantyhose.  This throw-back to the 1980s - and many years prior - has been seen frequently amongst what looks like the 30-something set.  I've also noted a couple of gals wearing old-school, back-seamed stockings, most stylishly the kind with nude-toned back seams.  If these become particularly popular I just want a record here to prove I picked up on it early.

This, of course, does not mean I plan to sport them.  I still prefer knee socks and leggings...