There's a collective sort of thing called Crush and Lovely "Moving Pictures" who's making a cool series of web films right now.  They hit the street of a random city with a camera and sound guy and ask passers-by a single question.  They record the responses and edit them to a tight 50 replies, which become a web video anyone can watch. 

In New Orleans, Louisiana they asked: "What would you wish to have happen by the end of today, if you could have ANYTHING happen?"  Surprisingly, not everyone wished to become a millionaire.  In Brooklyn, New York, the question was: "If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning, where would you chose?"  The 50 people in London, England goes online in the near future, and more are to come.

Some of the people's responses will make you laugh, and in my case, some will make you well up with tears.  Take two minutes and check one of them out.  Leave them feedback - or answer the question yourself.  Here's the link: