today i want to take a moment to make Americans feel a little better about what they're paying per gallon for gasoline these days.

you see, the situation is a little worse in England.

yesterday at the local (Flamborough, England) petrol station the petrol (aka "gas") cost £1.229 per liter.  you should note here that i say LITER, not gallon, and that it's not per dollar, but per British POUND. 

if i take one liter and convert it into a fraction of a gallon, then do the multiplication required i get £4.79 per gallon.  but wait, that's still not dollars.  the strength of the U.S. dollar is poor here in England.  in fact, it's worth exactly HALF of what it's worth in the States.  so take that £4.79 and multiply it by two and THAT number will be how many U.S. dollars it costs to purchase a gallon of unleaded gas here in England.

what is that number in dollars? 

$9.59 per gallon.

i hope that makes you Americans out there feel a little better about filling up your tanks today.  and if it doesn't, at least let it serve as a warning for those of you considering taking a roadtrip in Great Britain this summer.