When you pass a bakery window like this one, it's pretty hard to pass it by (as evidenced by the way it stopped me in my tracks this past Saturday near Covent Garden).  These aren't mere cupcakes -- they're enormous, gorgeous "candy cakes."

According to the store's website, "Candy Cakes" was established in 2004.  They make odd flavoured cakes with names like Spider Lovin’, Techno Mouse, Alphabet City and The Chocolate Flyer – and I’m not quite sure what some of those actually TASTE like, but you can always ask the gal behind the counter if you’re feeling scared.  They claim that every “cake” is made of natural ingredients with no artificial coloring, preservatives or additives, which is pretty cool, considering how crazy and toy-like they look.

The above pic is the best I could get while standing outside the shop.  The below pic is from their website, which shows how pretty some of them are.  My personal fave is the bright blue one with a piece of fried egg gummy candy on top (see far right of pic above).

A little something for the inner child in all of us.