a little while back i wrote a blog entry about (among other things) the unusual selection of potato chips the English sell in the grocery stores -- specifically, the very delicious brand "Walkers" -- which I suspect is the English equivalent of Lays potato chips from America (even the logos are similar...).

anyway, today i was in the grocery store, as i am prone to be quite often nowadays, and i decided to take a quick photo of the chip aisle (which is called the "crisp" aisle here) to prove how different even the junk food is in England.

the photo quality is poor because i had to use my phone camera, but you should appreciate it anyway, because it took a lot of stealthy re-organization of the potato chip bags to get the four flavors i wanted in the shot all next to each other.  i got a few confused glances from the other shoppers, but i pretended i was just a really bad text-messager since i was using a phone camera.

i'm getting used to having people look at me weird lately.  if you want to take pictures of things like the egg section at the local grocery store during regular shopping hours, you have to be prepared to look a little strange.

so here it is:  if you look closely you'll see that the chip flavors on the shelf (left to right) are "Steak and Onion," "Prawn Cocktail," "Marmite" and "Roast Chicken." 

no shit.  prawn cocktail-flavored potato chips. 

the weird thing is, i've tasted them -- and they taste exactly like America's B-B-Q chips.

go figure.