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A soft-boiled egg.

i just ate a soft-boiled egg like a real British person. 

sort of.

in today's Sunday Times (London Times, not New York, of course) i read a little column written by British actress Emma Thompson.  in it she spoke ever-so-reverently about the eating of a soft-boiled egg.

i have seen a lot of egg cups around the shops in England and i've wondered:  why do British people eat partially-cooked eggs in tiny cups directly out of the eggshell using little spoons when it's so much easier to scramble, fry or hard-boil and peel an egg?

i asked my British partner to make me one -- he obliged.

we do not own "egg cups" so we had to sort-of balance the just-boiled eggs in small ramekins.  i was told to tap the edges of the egg all around until i could lift the top of the eggshell off like a lid.

this was every bit as hard as it sounds. 

trying to hold the hot egg in place burned my fingertips.  also, tapping an eggshell with the edge of a spoon all around the top edge, so as to crack off a perfect little lid isn't as easy as British people make it look.  my eggshell sort-of crumbled under the pressure of me smacking it, but i did get an opening in the top.  partial success. 

trying to scoop the egg white out from inside the shell left me a bit concerned that my next bite would have a fragment of shell in it, or worse, that i was wasting the precious egg by not scraping enough of the egg white out properly with my spoon. 

it seemed like a lot of trouble just to eat one egg.

the deal was that i would be made a soft-boiled egg if i promised to blog about it.  so this is my blog. 

the egg DOES taste yummy when runny and eaten with a spoon.  yes, indeed. 

is it worth all the effort involved in actually getting the egg out of (or off of) the shell?

i'm not convinced.

but hey -- i'm trying.