i have too many things in my head today to write a single-subject entry.  instead i'd like to rattle off a little list of annoying questions that have been passing through my head in the last few days...

1.  why don't people who use public toilets "confirm" their flush before vacating a toilet cubicle?  part two:  why do most toilets in England have ridiculously low water pressure?  it's gross.

2.  how is it possible that my husband has a 14-year-old male student who's obsessed with The Beatles, but has never heard of Nirvana or SOUNDgarden?

3.  why don't Londoners stand aside and let people OFF the tube before shoving their way ON?  part two:  when i stand aside and let people off the tube, why do other waiting people shove past me, ignoring the fact that i'm trying to be rational and efficient, AND ignoring the fact that i am CLEARLY next in line to board?  (someone's going to get elbowed in the throat one of these days...  but you didn't hear that from me.)

4.  why do cosmetic companies put false eyelashes on models in MASCARA commercials?  shouldn't they really be commercials for false eyelashes?  part two:  why do hair care companies put hair extensions on models in shampoo and hair color commercials?  shouldn't they actually be commercials for hair extensions or wigs?

5.  are teenagers much more irritating these days, or am i just getting old?  part two:  why do English teenage girls look like whores?  do any of them have mothers or role models who aren't drag queens?

6.  why don't people obey the "KEEP LEFT" signs on busy public staircases?  do they ENJOY walking against a crowd of scowling commuters?

7.  why do men in suits and ties instantly look like assholes to me?  part two:  am i a bad person for judging them based on their clothes?

8.  there are tons of people on buses and trains listening to music on headphones, including myself -- why am i the only one bobbing her head and tapping her feet?

9.  why do women with baby carriages and toddlers in tow stroll around like the whole world needs to stop and help them (or slow down for them) just because their little parade is blocking the whole sidewalk?  no one thinks you're cute.  and how about getting a frigging babysitter?  or better yet, invest in a contraceptive once in a while? 
* people out there with kids please don't send defensive comments here -- i'm sure no one reading this blog is like THOSE women.

10.  why doesn't my "luxury" flat have heating vents in the bathrooms?  this is ENGLAND.  it's COLD...

11.  why do Subway sandwich shops smell so good when you pass by, but if you actually eat one it's almost always a let-down?

12.  why are the trailers for this year's Golden-Globe-nominated films so AWFUL?  and is there REALLY only one man in all the world who can do the voice-overs for them?

13.  where does Britain's Channel 4 newscaster Jon Snow get his ties?

14.  why does my iPhone battery wear down so much faster than my iPod battery?

15.  why is instant coffee so popular in England? (Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero are always packed, don't get me wrong, i'm referring here to jars of instant coffee in offices and homes.)

16.  why do i have a feeling no one will comment on here to answer these questions for me?

Happy Friday everybody  ;-)