This is the non-refrigerated egg section in my local grocery (just in case someone out there didn't believe me)...

do you refrigerate your eggs when you bring them home from the grocery store or market?

well, i don't.  not anymore.  and it's because moving to England has taught me something:  raw eggs do not have to be refrigerated in the grocery store, nor do they need to be kept cold once you get them home.  in England the grocery stores sell their cartons of eggs in dozens and half dozens (just like American markets), but the difference is, the eggs sit on a regular un-refrigerated shelf with the rest of the groceries -- not in a cold dairy section.

Americans have been duped, it seems.

i lived my entire life in America until this year, and for all those years i bought eggs from a refrigerated section of my local grocery store, and i made room for them in my refrigerator at home.  in fact, most fridges even have a little indented shelf made specifically for eggs.

well guess what:  you can stop all that nonsense now. 

the fact of the matter is that eggs do not require that sort of cold, and the cold is not a deterrent to bacteria growth.  in fact, i have read that other than the bacteria issue, the egg shells crack better and the insides mix better when the eggs have been kept at room temperature.

maybe American grocers should save the electrical energy of refrigerating whole sections of eggs and dairy products and put the stuff on regular shelves like Europe does.

oh wait -- you probably didn't know that you don't need to refrigerate your butter, either -- did you?  just get yourself a butter crock, stick your butter in it and set it on the counter or something.  it will stay usable for weeks.  apparently the French have done this for years, but i never knew about it until last month. 

why does America refrigerate things that don't need refrigeration?  i don't know. 

maybe if they stopped doing it they could down-size to the smaller, more energy-efficient refrigerators used in Europe.  even the good ol' boys could save a little money on their electric bills -- or at least have more room for their beer -- which also doesn't need to be refrigerated. 

but beer's a more personal matter. 



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