The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

since i moved to London i've been watching certain American TV shows either a day later, or a few months later - and in some cases a full season later - than i would be able to do if i was IN America.  one of the shows i try to watch regularly is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

in London the television airs The Daily Show just one day later than the original airing in America, so it's not too bad - i watch it one day later than you guys in the States do.  definitely not a bad deal.

what amuses me is that the other day i was watching the channel that airs The Daily Show here (a channel called "More 4") and a few minutes before the show was due to begin a station ID came on and said:  "next on More 4 we've got the news from America."

and they were referring to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

now, anyone who's watched the show knows why this is funny.  The Daily Show is NOT the American news.  it's not anyone's news.  it's a political- and current events-themed comedy show formatted like a news program.  Jon Stewart is a COMEDIAN and the show is aired in America on a channel called Comedy Central.

but here in London the show's being advertised as "the news from America."

it's yet another thing getting lost in the translation from American to British English.

if only the real news from America could be that entertaining.