There's nothing especially great about this subject -- it's the interior of a tube/subway car on the Hammersmith & City Line in London.  What I dig about it is the fact that when I stepped on, the car was entirely empty.  Not a soul in sight.  If you use the tube in London you know how rare that is.  That's why it's my "Pic Of The Week."


Today is August 12th and according to it's 76 degrees in Los Angeles, California and 81 degrees in southern Maryland right now.  I am pleased to report that right now in London, England it is 62 degrees Fahrenheit -- and HAILING.

This photo may look like a blurry mess but it's the best I could do with my limited resources to capture the fact that there's a HAIL STORM outside my deck doors right now.  A hail storm can look pretty cool -- and yeah, it can sometimes be destructive -- but when it happens in the dead of summer at the end of a sunny day it's just plain awesome.

London has the most interesting August weather I've ever experienced.  It's a welcome break from the oppressive heat and humidity of American summers.  And that's why this shot of today's hail storm is my Pic Of The Week.


OK.  I'll admit it.  This is immature.  But I had to take a picture when I saw this street sign driving in northeast England.  Everything else seemed so serious and old -- this just made me giggle.

That's why it's my "Pic Of The Week."