In London when you come to a cross-walk on a street there is almost always a message painted on the ground reminding pedestrians to "LOOK RIGHT."  This does not mean that you should look presentable or proper, but rather it means to look to your right side for oncoming traffic in a country where cars drive on the left side of the roadway.

I like taking photos of random signs and words when I'm out and about.  My own tiny bit of contemporary art.  This little section of street was outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.  Since this area of the website is all about looking, I'm putting this photo here as my "Pic Of The Week."



Sometimes you pass something on the street and it just makes you giggle.  This sign was one of those things.  I doubt in America a food or wine shop would be named "Booty" even if the owner's last name was Booty.  I could be wrong on this but I don't think I am.

Anyway, enjoy this shot of a silly sign.  I did.  That's why it's my "Pic Of The Week."


While waiting for a prescription at the local Boots pharmacy this past week I noticed something interesting.  It's the thing in the photo above.  Almost all of the pharmacy's available pharmaceuticals were located alphabetically in a giant rotating display mere feet from the counter where you pick up and pay for stuff. 

A drugstore cowboy's dream.  No big hold-ups, no major distractions needed, no climbing over high counters, no ransacking a dozen shelves looking for the Vicodin or codeine or good ol' amphetamines -- it's all right there in front of the customers in alpha-order a few feet from where they're standing. 

In America the drugs are hidden away on shelving behind tall white counters beyond the platform on which most pharmacists work -- far from the actual customers at the counter.

i don't really know why it's different here.  it just is.  that's why it's my "Pic Of The Week."