I'm not feeling particularly inspired today, so I'm posting this photo because it's recent and sorta Halloween-ish.  Like many of my pics, it's just something that caught my eye along the sidewalk as I walked home.  The road was St. Peter's Grove (Hammersmith, London).

The spider was NOT itsy-bitsy.  In fact, I worried it might take my Canon along with my fingers when I went in for the shot.
This week's Pic Of The Week is something I took when I happened to pass by a giant modern art sculpture currently installed at the Royal Academy (Piccadilly, London).  It's in the courtyard, and it's called "Tall Tree and the Eye" by the Turner-Prize-winning artist Anish Kapoor.

It's made of stainless steel and carbon steel and it's quite large (76 balls that are stacked over 49 feet into the air).  This photo is a reflection detail I like for various reasons - not the least of which being the fact that if you look in the middle of the center bubble, very closely, the tiny figure in the white coat is me.  Also, in this case, I think the rainy day made for a more interesting pic than if it had been dry :-)

You can see more of Kapoor's nifty, often large-scale work by clicking here.
To celebrate of the arrival of October, that most Hallow'd of months, here's a shot I took recently along Black Lion Lane, West London.  A silky, spooky spider web - a Halloween treat, several weeks early...