This week I've been in Bridlington, England, on the Northeast coast of the country.  A few days ago I had the pleasure of checking out an old estate called Sewerby Hall, built around 1714.  To my delight -- and equally to my dismay -- there was a small zoo located on the Hall's grounds.

I took this photo inside a large-bird aviary.  Obviously it's a peacock, a male Peafowl.  In the past when I've seen a peacock in person it's been totally disinterested, but on this occasion the grand bird fanned its beautiful tail feathers for my camera.

If you've seen the Birds of Paradise portion of the "Planet Earth" series you know that these birds go to great lengths to attract a lady-friend.  Since I saw no peahens around, I'm going to assume it just liked me.

And that's why this is my "Pic Of The Week."


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