today on this mild and quiet Monday morning i'm watching the BBC1 news.  a few moments ago the top story was the evacuation of New Orleans and the impending arrival of Hurricane Gustav.  a heavily covered (though not cheerful) bit of news, even all the way over here in England.  London's local weather, however, was a different story.

a few minutes ago i listened to weather forecaster "Matt" say that today London would be "MUCH FRESHER." 
yes -- he said "much fresher."  the on-screen graphic even read:  MUCH FRESHER (see screen photo above).

now, i don't know if "MUCH FRESHER" is an accepted meteorological prediction, but i found it rather amusing.  shortly after this weather tidbit aired, a female weather forecaster came on screen to advise us that this afternoon London would have "FRESHENING WIND."  again, a dubious and amusingly strange description.

i'm not sure what's going on with the British Meteorological Society's approved weather vocabulary.  whatever happened to things like "partly sunny," "a chance of thunderstorms" and "clear, blue skies" i do not know.  maybe they're trying new, hipper lingo -- maybe their weather reports were skewing too old. 

i am, however, curious to see exactly what "MUCH FRESHER" feels like.  and boy, am i ever looking forward to that "FRESHENING WIND."


09/01/2008 8:21am

Made me feel fresh as a daisy.

Fresh can also mean drunk over here..


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