earlier today i blogged about how unfriendly some people -- and therefore life -- seems to be in my new city (the city of London).  but after i posted it, a problem arose:  i started to feel guilty about what i wrote -- and wondered if maybe i should delete the entry.

well, i'm not going to delete it, because when i started this site i told myself i wouldn't go back and edit or alter my blog entries once i published them.  but i would like to say that i feel bad that i wrote so one-sidedly (if that's a word) about my new home.  i'd also like to go on record as saying that there are a lot of positive and interesting things about London as well.  i just haven't blogged about them yet.

i think for a lot of people -- especially me -- it's very easy to write endlessly about what's wrong or what pisses you off, and less fun to write about the random things that went RIGHT or that you enjoyed during the day -- because you take them for granted.  and to a lesser extent, it's easy to write negatively because other people would rather read about something bad or bizarre than read about your good day.  the paparazzi and international media already know this, and i do too.

attempting to give everything more fair consideration is tough.  the chick at that Heyward Gallery gift shop register is still a cold bitch in my mind, but i won't carry that feeling with me the next time i step up to a counter to buy something in town. 

i'll smile, and start over.


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