just when you think you've seen it all, a new celebrity endorsement commercial comes on TV and creates a new low -- or high, depending on how much it makes you laugh.

in America celebrity endorsements are common.  lots of athletes sell energy drinks or athletic gear, pop stars sell soda and most actresses have at least one hair or makeup product endorsement deal -- and it's been that way for years -- but the American deals are very carefully chosen.  in Europe and Asia celebrities are much more willing to do all sorts of endorsements, as their American fan base will never see what they're doing, and well, foreign work pays big money.

some of the larger campaigns that pop to mind are Eva Longoria selling Magnum ice cream bars, George Clooney selling Nespresso espresso/coffee machines, Catherine Zeta-Jones shilling for T-Mobile and Reese Witherspoon selling Avon cosmetics, but there are some lesser-known (and far more amusing) ones airing in England lately.

tonight on TV i saw a shirtless, sweaty Iggy "Lust For Life" Pop posing as the in-your-face spokesman for...  wait for it...  Swiftcover Car, Travel & Pet Insurance.

don't believe me?  see photo above (couldn't find the TV ad anywhere online yet).

more deliberately funny is Johnny Rotten Lydon from The Sex Pistols working as the current spokesperson for Country Life English Butter.

umm, what?

it's a particularly enjoyable spot -- here it is, courtesy of YouTube, for you Americans who don't get to see it...

Looks like
01/05/2009 7:48am

eeeeverybody has a price.

04/24/2009 3:20pm

These are some very strange endorsements and photo's but I'll bet they are effective to most of the public. They are so off the wall, just like in the United States that people remember and respond to them. The worse they get, the better the results.


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