At the risk of sounding, again, like amateur consumer reports, I'd like to say I've found a facial cleanser worth mentioning.  It's worth mentioning because it's a common, low-price-point brand found in pretty much every drugstore in the civilized world.

It's by Garnier, and the product is called "Skin Naturals NEW Clean Sensitive Anti-tightness Cleansing Milk". 

Non-lathering MILK has for several years replaced soap and gels as the best non-lathering fluid for skin cleansing.  "Milks" are fab for gals of a certain age (and by "certain age" I mean those who are way past the age of oil-slick, blackhead-dotted complexions).  If your skin's reached a reasonably mature level and your concern is to wash your face GENTLY and remove eye makeup WITHOUT drying-out delicate skin, this stuff's for you.

It's for sensitive skin, has no alcohol, no perfume and no coloring.  It gets mascara off without a bunch of rubbing and has "soothing waterlily extract," which sounds good - though its benefits are dubious.  It also leaves your face feeling noticeably soft, as if you've already applied light moisturizer.

Best of all?  It's Garnier, which means it's SUPER affordable (a couple of dollars) and easily found in shops.  See my photo above for the front of the bottle as it is sold here in England.  Note that it might look slightly different in the States... 


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