when you're feeling homesick or lonely there's not much better a remedy than pulling out some good music and rocking out.

now, maybe i have a particularly close relationship with my music, but i bet a lot of you out there feel the same way about your music, too, whether it's vinyl, disc, tape or mp3.  there's a lot to be said for jumping around the kitchen by yourself to the beat of Weezer's "Keep Fishin'" or doing the bump down the hallway to Rose Royce's "Car Wash."  i know this because i did both of those things today. 

being a "party of one" all day can be tiring, and the temptation is certainly there to lie on the couch, un-showered, watching back-to-back episodes of The Simple Life and Antiques Roadshow.  but i've found something better to do with my time.  i have the opportunity to crank up the speakers and sing at the top of my lungs and have no one hear me -- much the way a lot of you do in your cars, sitting in traffic and such.  at least that's what i did when i lived in L.A. and drove everywhere...

anyway, since i got to London i have no need for a car (and even if i had one i wouldn't know how to drive it here), but i've got a new place to let it all out:  in my flat, in the middle of the day, sunlight streaming in, with no one to hear me over the noise of the A4 outside.  it's pretty excellent.

being the fish out of water that i am right now, every little bit helps.  if listening to a string of Weezer songs makes me bounce around with a smile on my face, well, GREAT.  and if it inspires me to write a little blog?  even better.

if you're having a crap day, or maybe feeling down in the dumps, i urge you to turn on some music you really dig.  whether you pick something depressing that allows you to properly wallow in your darkness, or play something that makes you feel like you're 21 again, play SOMEthing. 

music is a cool thing -- it stays with you no matter how long you keep it silenced, and it's always right there waiting when you're ready to turn it on again.  it makes you feel good.

And there's certainly nothing wrong with that.


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