OK, ladies.  I've held-off from mentioning this for a long time, but upon seeing the above image of a current Alexander McQueen woman's shoe, I must say: STOP THE MADNESS.  This trend of un-wearable, over-priced extreme shoes for women is NUTS.  Are they creative and good fun to browse?  Yes.  Do they spice up a runway?  Yes.  Can REAL women incorporate the look into their existing closets?  No (unless your name is Victoria Beckham).

Stuff like this always leads me back to the same question: 

Why don't designers impose this sort of painful nonsense on MEN?

Let's hear it for flats
01/12/2010 3:52pm

The need to "stand out" has pushed some morons over the edge - and like the bison, some will follow. Only the strong survive...

01/21/2010 12:10am

i think Lady Gaga is wearing these in one of her current music videos.


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