I've been meaning to post the above photo for two weeks now.  It was taken at Mo's Diner, which is located inside Harrod's in Knightsbridge, London.

If you read this blog you probably know a few things about me.  I'm from America, I really dig good food, and I also really dig Harrod's.  Which is why I write this little item with some hesitation.  You see, I'm a huge fan of Jewish deli-style stuff (and I've had more than my share of such food in my life), so when I get some that's an utter disappointment, it's tough to shake off.

I had just returned to London from a long trip to the USA when I needed to do a bit of shopping at Harrod's.  While in Harrod's my partner and I thought it would be nice to see if we could find a hot Reuben sandwich somewhere.  First we went to their East Dulwich Deli restaurant, but alas, the menu had not a single cold-cut sandwich on the list, and definitely no hot Reubens (deli my ass)...  Then we checked the "American diner" themed restaurant called Mo's Diner.  We saw a Reuben on the menu and thought we'd scored big.

When the sandwich - which cost about $30 in U.S. dollars - arrived, it was smaller than my hand (see above photo for comparison).  I was shocked.  I'm all for reasonable portions and not wasting food, but when I order a REUBEN from a DINER I expect a beast of a sandwich - not some pathetic, over-priced piece of crap with spoiled carrot and raisin slaw on the side.

I mean REALLY.  Where do they even get bread that small? 

Best leave the art of the Jewish deli to the Americans - it's worth flying home for :)
good grief!
01/18/2010 8:40pm

that is truly shocking.

01/21/2010 1:19pm

I can imagine the shock of paying that much money for the miniature portion of food, especially for almost $30. That same Reuben over here four times the size with fries would only be around $9! It was funny to see the small meal, but it's not a joke when you expect what they serves here in a Jewish deli.

02/17/2010 5:49am

the weird orange salad thing had gone off! You can see from the picture, it even LOOKS bad and tasted a million times worse...


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