While waiting for a prescription at the local Boots pharmacy this past week I noticed something interesting.  It's the thing in the photo above.  Almost all of the pharmacy's available pharmaceuticals were located alphabetically in a giant rotating display mere feet from the counter where you pick up and pay for stuff. 

A drugstore cowboy's dream.  No big hold-ups, no major distractions needed, no climbing over high counters, no ransacking a dozen shelves looking for the Vicodin or codeine or good ol' amphetamines -- it's all right there in front of the customers in alpha-order a few feet from where they're standing. 

In America the drugs are hidden away on shelving behind tall white counters beyond the platform on which most pharmacists work -- far from the actual customers at the counter.

i don't really know why it's different here.  it just is.  that's why it's my "Pic Of The Week."

9/7/2008 01:24:08

I would love to give that whole thing a big spin like on Wheel Of Fortune.

9/15/2008 08:40:37

ha, ha ...down on the pharm....good one!


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