I've been playing Scrabble today, and while it tends to give me a headache, I find it pretty satisfying.  I don't win often -- in fact I don't think I've won once yet -- but I dig it.  This game lasted 'til one player used up all his tiles and the other player (me) had only two left.  That's relatively hard to achieve, so I documented the board and made it my "Pic Of The Week." 

I promise something more scenic NEXT week.


What a pretty scrabble board! BTW, good game.


I really like the scrabble board and it is good looking. I used to play but I never won either unless it had to do with music. You'll eventually win...just keep at it.

ouija scrabbler

The combination of vicars, wed, jive, and yay in the center of the board seems fitting.. Not to mention huge, quilt, and great..


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