i took this photo on Saturday at the edge of the Thames River, which runs behind my building.  i like to look over the edge of the brick wall lining the river because it provides an interesting view of the cool mix of rowers, ducks, swans and pigeons (and even on occasion the famed wild parrots) of the area. 

ANYway, this weekend i pulled out my camera to shoot a pic of the baby our local swan couple had obviously hatched recently, but ended-up shooting something a little less cute:  the tragic filth and rubbish condition of the Thames River, and the damaged environment in which these beautiful birds live despite it.

I think there's a metaphor in there somewhere.


That picture makes me sad. I hope that those gorgeous animals cannot recognize the pollution floating around them as much as the people who litter tragically don't recognize what it does to our environment. I'd imagine they will all soon fly away and live somewhere that is nice for them to be and leave us regretting what's left of our garbage strewn world without them.


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